Romantic dinner recipe for two

Read more: Guide: Gothenburg’s best restaurants for the day Amore pasta with seafood and tomatoes. Photo: Stefan Idetoft Amore pasta with seafood and tomatoes 2 servings This dish has all the ingredients I love – sweet seafood, mussels stew with small cocktail tomatoes and white wine. This is love in every bite if you ask … Read more

Anything but a meaningless matter |

Jens LinderJens Linder Chefand journalist.He has also writtenSeveral cookbooks.Every week participateWith her food inspirationFor real-time readers. Already on my first trip to South Korea, I was converted. There I enjoyed delicious breakfast dishes with boiled tofu soup, fried tofu bowls, and spiced soft tofu – and plenty of other goodies. Like meat, of course, tofu … Read more