There are still many question marks surrounding the National Drug List

On May 1, 2021, the National Drug List (NLL) Act entered into force. In short, the law means that information about a patient’s prescription and the medicines they collected are collected in a registry, the so-called National Drug List. The registry contains prescriptions for dosing and regular electronic prescriptions, but does not contain medications that … Read more

The plumber’s burger in Visby worked – here’s his recipe

Posted on Apr 5, 2022, 8:01 Plumbing apprentice Benjamin Ljungberg of Gotland finished third at Hamburger-SM. He’s now opened a food truck, but hasn’t quit plumbing. “The goal is to get your plumbing business started for the long-term because that’s where the money is,” he says and introduces his Smashburger recipe. Pipes that dilute the … Read more

Government draft law with proposals for legislative amendments related to the list of drugs that were for consultation

The Edge Drug List is an up-to-date list of medications a patient is using. The goal is to gradually achieve this national drug list before 2030. The introduction of the drug list makes it possible to provide current information about drug therapy to the patient, which contributes to the success of drug therapy and improves … Read more