Samjouren in Vaasa uses remote reception – sick certificates, prescriptions and minor illnesses are taken care of online – Ostrobothnia –

The Ostrobothnian healthcare district is set to test the telemedicine service at Samgur in Vaasa. In the future, the patient can call or talk to the doctor, rather than sitting and waiting for their turn in the emergency room. To avoid long waiting times in the emergency room, samjouren in Vaasa tests teleconference during August. … Read more

Woman’s Week Recipe: Bake Margherita Oatmeal Biscuits with Custom Flour

Less sweet oat biscuits with a “bite”. Photo: Margarita Edsgaard Ladies Week has arrived and as usual a number of pastries come to celebrate Ladies Week of the week. NWT food writer Lena Sewall shares her good baking recipes. On Margarita’s Day, the ladies’ recipe comes from Margarita Edsgaard’s book Skrädmjöl, published by Votum Publishing … Read more

Camila Hamid: I was quite frankly…

Camila Hamid has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media who are inspired daily by her photos, movies and delicious pastry recipes. She’s become something of a baking queen, with recipes for everything from cinnamon bun brownies and chocolate ball cookies to cupcakes with icing. But the fact that what her career revolves around … Read more

Risotto and lobster recipe

Hello Alexandra, I kept four home-cooked crabs in the freezer that I thought would enjoy New Year’s dinner. I will have four guests. Can you suggest recipes? I’ve only shared and served previously, but I’m glad to hear from you! Thanks for the year read, Greetings Eleanor Hi Eleanor, Happy ending and good news for … Read more