The Recipe: Ten Ingredients to Ease an Energy Crunch

Entrepreneurs in the province mainly run small and medium-sized businesses, which often do not have the same profit margins as larger businesses. Small businesses are now moving from ashes to fire. What started with high fuel prices has now spread to all businesses that depend on electricity, almost everyone. In an ominous but entirely conceivable … Read more

Presented by: Ten Recipes for Ingredients to Relieve an Energy Crisis

No single measure solves the energy crisis, but an entire package is needed, Företagarna representatives write. Photo: Roland Svensson Many entrepreneurs in the province are now on their knees due to rising energy prices. Small companies, which often don’t have the same margins as big companies, are now going from ashes to fire. What started … Read more

Have you tried the healthy pizza trend? – Useful frozen pizza gets a new recipe

Healthy pizza from For Real! Foods with a no-bake base and baked on white Swedish cabbage or high-quality Swedish chicken are an obvious choice for many keen pizza lovers. Now the entire range is being launched again, in new packaging with an updated recipe. The pizza trend has come from the USA, where the traditional … Read more

Samjouren in Vaasa uses remote reception – sick certificates, prescriptions and minor illnesses are taken care of online – Ostrobothnia –

The Ostrobothnian healthcare district is set to test the telemedicine service at Samgur in Vaasa. In the future, the patient can call or talk to the doctor, rather than sitting and waiting for their turn in the emergency room. To avoid long waiting times in the emergency room, samjouren in Vaasa tests teleconference during August. … Read more