Vårdcentralen Dalbo writes fewer prescriptions for drug addiction

image type.Pictured: Niklas Larsson Over the past five-and-a-half years, Vårdcentralen Dalbo has cut addictive drug prescribing in half, the Kronoberg district writes on its website. The Dalbo Health Center has many patients who take addictive drugs, such as sleeping pills and sedatives. Patients of all ages, some with war trauma, mentally ill, pain patients, etc. … Read more

Make your own ice cream without an ice cream machine – recipe

MAKE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM – Make it easy without an ice cream machine! Freshen up this summer with delicious homemade ice cream and ice cream! Perfect to prepare the freezer now to invite your loved ones this summer. We’ve collected everything from recipes to the accessories you need. Making your own ice cream at … Read more

“Healthcare sector prescription increases the proportion of women among entrepreneurs”

leading businesses “27 percent of all companies in Sweden are run by women. A disappointing figure. The fact that more women are running companies is not only an issue of gender equality but also an issue of resource freeing, innovation and growth across the country.” This is an opinion piece on the Oskarchamnes-Tidingen barometer. The … Read more

Online recipes have become the norm – but free systems have limitations

The purpose of the electronic prescription is to collect as much information as possible about the prescriptions prescribed and aggregated to patients in the National Drug List. Electronic prescriptions have been used in practice for quite some time now. However, the stipulation that it should be the main rule has been postponed several times, since … Read more

That’s why “Garden Times” disappears from the table – SVT’s message about the future of the program after all years

Great recipes and invaluable advice on how to best take care of your beloved garden are provided. But on Tuesday evening, the final episode of viewers’ favorite “Garden Times” series will be broadcast. SVT is now announcing the future of the program. After a long period of darkness and cold you are more than long … Read more