Trust in healthcare is critical to managing antibiotic resistance

Are there many Swedes who get antibiotics without a prescription and what drives their behavior when this happens? The answers are important for managing antibiotic resistance, which is a challenging challenge for all healthcare. Practical philosophers and political scientists at the University of Gothenburg conducted a major study showing the experience of the Swedes and … Read more

Simple fall recipes and easy-to-cook stews

It’s time here for hot food, casseroles and crunchy pancakes. We’ve rounded up the best fall ELLE recipes that are perfect for both everyday meals and dinner parties. See the big fall skincare trends Television After advertising: See the big fall skincare trends (0:40) Play the sound Rich stews and desserts with plums and apples … Read more

We are like night and day

After 60 years of marriage, Marietta Orberg Olsson and Anders Olsson are still in love. A sense of alienation welds them together, despite their differences. – We are like night and day, but a good recipe, says Marietta. Marietta Orberg was only 15 years old and Anders Olsson was 20 when they first met. He … Read more

Bonnier Fakta publishes classic Ukrainian cookbook Mamusia and donates prize to UNHCR

Bonnier facts publish Mamusia – Ukrainian cuisineAnd the Food profile Olya Hercules to draw attention to the situation in her native Ukraine. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Sweden for the UNHCR Ukraine collection. award winning mamosa It was originally released in the UK in 2015 with the title Mamushka It has … Read more