Oreo Sushi and Ramen Lasagna – Jonas Cramby makes 6 of TikTok’s most popular recipes

Café’s Jonas Crumby plays a chef on TikTok. You can’t guess what happened next. How are you children? This month, I left the culinary realm of adult regulars from natural wine, naming carrot growers and important sustainability debates to explore the app that has perhaps the biggest impact on youth culture today: TikTok. In addition … Read more

New app makes it easier to give advice on physical activity

Poor physical fitness is observed both in healthy people and in people with various pathological conditions. To promote health but also to prevent or improve high blood pressure, stroke, angina, heart attack, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression, healthcare professionals need to be able to support people to increase their level of activity. In order to prescribe … Read more

The teacher’s job makes the food profile sharpen the recipes

Clara Engmire, home-and-consumer knowledge educator, keeps pace with the “100 Small Dishes” cookbook. Pictured: Andre de Lewisted Lesson adviceFood profile Clara Ingemer, home educator and consumer knowledge, has made a huge splash with her Instagram account A Thousand Small Plates. Today, she has 53,000 followers and has become the creator of educational recipes – thanks … Read more

Presenter: The prescription of the healthcare sector increases the proportion of women among female entrepreneurs

In health and care, 61 percent of all businesses are run by women, write representatives of the organizations Företagarna and Vårdföretagarna. Photo: Veronica Nordenberg Olson 27 percent of all companies in Sweden are run by women. Disappointing character. The fact that more women are running companies is not only an issue of gender equality but … Read more