Camila Hamid: I was quite frankly…

Camila Hamid has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media who are inspired daily by her photos, movies and delicious pastry recipes. She’s become something of a baking queen, with recipes for everything from cinnamon bun brownies and chocolate ball cookies to cupcakes with icing.

But the fact that what her career revolves around hasn’t always come naturally.

“Every Sunday my family and I go to the garbage room to negotiate”

In “Summer in P1,” Camila Hamid tells that her mother, who was celibate with Camilla and three younger siblings, dreamed of her daughter becoming a doctor. Or maybe an engineer. The mother dreams of a brighter future, a better life where the family will no longer have to pay every penny to drive the economy.

– Every Sunday, my family and I would go to the garbage room to negotiate. When the clothes were completely cleaned, they looked like new, and no one would have guessed that I was shopping in the garbage room. I hated it, but we had no other choice, says Camilla Hamid in her emotional summer talk.

Adolescence is full of severe eating disorders

But the medical profession was not attractive, and instead Camila Hamid chose a completely different path. And while she’s known today for her sweet pastries, butter and sugar were a pretty rare thing for her during her teenage years.

For over a year, the only things I ate were vegetarian steaks, crispbread, cucumbers, and green apples, says passionate Camilla, who has struggled for several years with severe eating disorders.

Eating chocolate balls or cookies – or even an entire meal was unimaginable for so long.

– For many years, sugar was my worst enemy, I was dying from it honestly, I lost my hair, I didn’t menstruate anymore – and I stopped laughing. Camila Hamid says the eating disorder made me lose weight.

She had a hard time pinpointing exactly what the transformation was, but she tells of an incident in which she was assigned at school to bake chocolate balls, which she also tasted.

“Of course I wasn’t feeling well here and there, but it was as if the sugar in that chocolate ball gave my brain the strength to start thinking more clearly,” says Camilla Hamid.

“I shouldn’t have the same childhood that I had”

In her summer talk, Camila Hamid also describes how lonely she often felt growing up, and had a constant feeling that she wasn’t as dead as she was.

Growing up, I didn’t see any women in my family or relatives train, start a business, or get a driver’s license. It made it difficult for me to take these steps myself. I needed to force myself to dare to do so, so that my daughters would feel that taking care of life was a matter of course, she says and continues:

“All I do is so my kids don’t have the same childhood that I did,” she says.

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