Cake sandwiches with Emma Brink Rusk

Emma Brink is quick about the rise of the sandwich bun

Emma Brink Fast.

Nothing enhances the party like a beautiful cake baked with love.

There’s a certain magic about cakes, and it’s a symbol that there’s something to celebrate, says baking expert Emma Brink Rusk.

Here she shares three recipes that are guaranteed to succeed this summer.

Now Cake Season Begins With Mother’s Day, National Day, School Graduation, Midsummer…and no celebration without cake, says baking inspiration Emma Brink Fast.

Of all the recipes I make, cupcakes are the most famous. There’s a certain magic in cake, perhaps because it’s not something you eat on a Tuesday night when you’re craving sweets. Cakes are a symbol that there is something worth celebrating. It’s also a shared experience, something we share. If you bake it yourself too, says Emma Brink Raske, you’ve put love in it.

She herself was for a long time the person who enjoys cake. Emma grew up in a house where there was a lot of baked goods, probably in particular by her sister, who eventually became a pastry chef. On the other hand, Emma occasionally did some smudge cake.

Colorful pancake roll with hot smoked salmon and dill.

Motivate yourself to transcend yourself

– But at my job, we had coffee on Tuesday, when someone was baking and making coffee. But I’m sick of people running into the store and buying ballerina cakes at the last minute, so I said I’d take it now. Quickly pushing me to surpass myself, I wanted my colleagues to be impressed.

So she began to read, was inspired by beautiful pictures, made more and more wonderful pastries, which she also briefly captured and posted on her Instagram account. Five years ago, today she has 110,000 followers and lives in the baking business. But when asked if baking or eating cake was the most fun, she answered:

The most fun is decorating. Baking, whether I’m making a sweet cake or a sandwich cake, is a way to transfer so I can decorate it. The bottoms should be baked, the filling should be made and the cake folded together with straight edges. But when you’re standing there in the fridge all night, I can’t wait to go to work. It’s like having a new canvas that you have to get rid of and make it pretty.

Herb cheesecake with onion filling.

Bake more cakes in season

In her new book, Cakes and Sandwiches for All Parties and Celebrations of the Year, Emma encourages us to bake cakes for the season. Because as with love. When you crave something, the fun becomes even greater.

We have access to fresh berries all year round, but pouring blueberries on the cake isn’t always very fun. I think there’s something nice about craving for first rhubarb and then enjoying it, enjoying Swedish strawberries when they’re sweetest, and Swedish apples in the fall.

  • What is the season in spring and early summer?

– In the spring there are a lot of citrus, yellow and green. There are also lanterns and other edible flowers, and soon after comes the wonderful sour rhubarb.

Yellow and green are also repeated on the sandwich cake. Cake is not only served for coffee. Sandwich cake became very popular in the 1970s with white bread, mayonnaise layers, salmon, ham, and eggs. Now it looks like it’s got a revival, but in newer variants, which pleases Emma.

– In fact, it’s such a great idea that I got so wet by doing it the wrong way that I ate a lot of mayonnaise, mixed tuna, mimosa salad, and liver pie in the same cake. This kind of sandwich cake looks old.

Modern classic – cheesecake scavenger.
  • So what’s going on now about sandwich buns?

On the one hand, there are sandwich buns of a slightly smaller size. You don’t have to make a sandwich cake the size of a tray, you can make a cake for 6 to 8 people. Stick to one theme at a time, like salmon and shrimp or Italian flavors—and then don’t throw the liver pie in the middle. The decor is also kept more clean and modern. You can decorate with buds, seeds, and flowers so that your sandwich bun looks like a small bunch instead of a cold cut sandwich table.

As for baking, Emma urges looking for alternatives to the aisle.

– You do not have to bake yourself, it is great to buy ready-made products. It’s great if round polar muffins have bottoms, as well as well-shaped bread. Sometimes I mix the bread and press together to make the cheesecake filling that I put on top.

Cake and sandwich cake

Brink your head, Emma

Cake and sandwich cake


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