Bonnier Fakta publishes classic Ukrainian cookbook Mamusia and donates prize to UNHCR

Bonnier facts publish Mamusia – Ukrainian cuisineAnd the Food profile Olya Hercules to draw attention to the situation in her native Ukraine. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Sweden for the UNHCR Ukraine collection.

award winning mamosa It was originally released in the UK in 2015 with the title Mamushka It has become a classic modern cookbook of Eastern European foods. mamosa Contains more than 100 recipes for the best Ukrainian cuisine with its influences evident from Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, among others. These are the recipes that have always been prepared in Olia Hercules family – borscht, pampushki garlic bread, stuffed pasta pies, fermented vegetables, apricot and cherry pie, natural black currant drink and much more.

London-based Elea Hercules is the author of four cookbooks and also works as a chef and food writer. It was a An important speaker for the Ukrainian people since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The family of Olya Hercules still lives in Ukraine and works hard to create public opinion to raise funds to help those affected by the war. It shares information, coordinates relief efforts, and gives daily interviews to the international media.

“I am writing these words on Mother’s Day, while my mother is under siege in the south of Ukraine, and I want to dedicate this reincarnation of my book to all mothers in Ukraine and around the world,” Olya Hercules wrote in the newly written preface to the book.

Food and food culture unite people and build bridges. Hope to be released mamosa in Sweden can help draw attention to Ukraine and its people through the country’s rich food culture. At the same time we contribute to the important work that UNHCR does on the site by donating the profits from the book, says Eva Kroc, Publisher at Bonnier Fakta.

mamosa It was translated into Swedish by Leo Gefvert. It will be released on October 4th but can be pre-ordered now.

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