Blue-green politics is the wrong recipe for young mentally ill

to reply The Greens want the healthcare system to do more to reduce crime in Stockholm, but the policy they have followed in the majority over the past four years has led to something very different. The Left Party has reforms that could reverse the dismal trend in child and youth psychiatry. Written by Jonas LindpErg, spokesman for the left-wing party’s healthcare policy in the Stockholm region.

“Close collaboration must be developed between BUP, student health and social services,” Sandra Ivanovic Rubin (Member of Parliament) wrote in a corresponding article in Dagens Arena. It is, of course, well thought out. The only problem is that the major reorganization of the BUP in the Stockholm region, which the Green Party pushed with the blue parties during this term, is going in the exact opposite direction. Many BUP receptions will be closed, also in high-risk areas, and care must be centralized for larger units. Local knowledge and cooperation with municipalities will become more difficult because of the Green Party’s policy.

The result of the policy of the Greens was, among other things, that the BUP reception in Butkirkka be closed. In what way do long-distance flights help families desperately trying to get proper care for their children, who are already bouncing back or stuck in long lines for a year?

Both child and youth psychiatrists and parents are concerned, with good reason, about what the reorganization will lead to and have been sharply critical of the changes. The credibility of the Green Party on this issue should be seen as almost non-existent.

Untreated ADHD increases the risk of youth recruitment to crimeIvanovic Rubin says: This is true, but the result of the policy of the Green Party is that, among other things, the BUP reception in Butkirkka is forced to close. In what way do long-distance flights help families desperately trying to get proper care for their children, who are already bouncing back or stuck in long lines for a year?

What child and youth psychiatry in Stockholm needs is more resources, peace of mind and a better work environment so that more people can afford to work in business. The Left Party puts into our budget 200 million kroner more than the Blue Greens in the BUP, and another 100 million kroner goes to health centers to hire more psychologists in the first psychiatry. We want to see receptions with local anchoring in areas of the region where needs are greatest, not large, compact receptions.

The Left Party also proposed a new model for BUP In Norrtälje with close cooperation with, among other things, Student Health. Each family will then have a contact person who can help communicate rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy, and other care contacts. This way, fewer children and young adults will fall through the cracks, which is a big problem today. If this turns out well, we want to expand it to more parts of the region.

Stockholm is currently near the bottom of the list of staff per resident in child and youth psychiatry among regions of the country, and the number of visits in relation to staff is among the highest in the country. The staffing shortage is enormous, while those who can afford to pay 30,000 SEK can get quick help at a private reception. We can’t have such a thing in Sweden’s richest region, which accumulates billions in profits year after year.

The Green Party spent four years solving the crisis In child and youth psychiatry they fail in this task. The Left Party is ready with sharp proposals that can really shorten waiting lists and create better, more accessible and more evenly distributed care in the field. They voted for us in the regional elections on September 11th.

Jonas Lindberg (5th)spokesperson for healthcare policy, Stockholm Region

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