Beverage expert Fridoltra offers readers his best recipes: “I love the show.”

In his youth, it was the concert of Frederic Axen. He and his friends found their way to the Kungsbacka watering hole with their eyes closed.

– Between 18 and 28, roughly, we were a lot in the pub. As in this age. I mixed a lot of drinks and thought it was very fun. Of course I didn’t have such good raw materials because they are so expensive, says Frédéric Axen, who works as a carpenter, especially when I was young.

Friends called Ultra

When Magnus Uggla kicked off 2016 with Fredagsdrinken on Instagram, Fredrik Axén wasn’t too late to catch up. He chose the name Fridoltra after some friends called him Ultra.

– I thought it was a great idea. At first I only did it for my friends, but I only had about a hundred followers. Then I made simple bugs and rolled the berries really fast because they were so cool.

In 2019, Aksin had had enough and discontinued Friday Drink. He believed that it was very demanding and at the same time he created a family with his wife and two children.

But interest resurfaced, as did inspiration, and Fridoltra returned on Instagram. Now he is followed by large portions of an elite Swedish bartender. Although it is a rather tight place, Frederoltra has nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram.

Was a waiter at the 30th Anniversary Party

– It’s great to have so many skilled bartenders follow me, it feels great. I’m not a waiter myself and never have been. However, she acted like this during the 30th anniversary party. It was the most fun thing I did, says Fredrik Axen.

He says that he likes the show, and socializing is very interesting, but according to Frédéric Axen, the number of likes is not very interesting.

– I do not particularly care, this interest is not pleasant. But it’s great that you get so many followers who see what I’m doing. I love the show. Then there are a few who write to me and I have to answer. I can’t ignore people because I don’t want to ignore myself, says Frédéric Axen.

In two drinks, he made 100 drinks on Friday. He quit twice, but resumed mixing again.

Become obsessed with the phone

– It is not the mixing of drinks that takes time, but it has affected my family. I became addicted to cell phones. I was obsessed with the phone and sat with it the whole time. This was a real problem. Every Friday was sabotaging the family because I sat and checked my Instagram, Fredrik Axen says.


My girl is nice and doesn’t say anything, but I could see that it was a problem. Even for my children of three and six years. They didn’t get the attention they deserved. But now I’ve learned to balance it better.

Fridoltra will be giving Kungsbacka – Posten readers a number of drink tips for a few Fridays. Plus, he reveals his best advice on how to make the best ice cream.

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