Best GT 2022 in Sweden – 3 tips and recipes for the winner

Gin and Tonic is a favorite of many, but who mixes it best this year? An expert jury crowned two gold medalists in the Swedish Schweppes Competition for the Best Gin and Tonic. Teacher Mårten Noréus and bartender Anton Petersson are the ones who mix Cars of the Year with flavors of gooseberry, lavender, pink pepper, and rose. Here are Anton Peterson’s recipes and tips for mixing an irresistible GT!

Photo: Schweppes

Recently, Sweden’s Best Gin & Tonic was decided during a raucous final at Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm, where GTs mixed as if there was no tomorrow. The six finalists, whose recipes were selected from among dozens of entries from across the country, had to stand up to an expected audience and create magic in keeping with the competition rules: a new GT recipe that, despite its creative flair and garnish, remains true to the original.

Photo: Schweppes

Waiter Anton Peterson fared better, winning in the bartenders category with his “Flower Blush GT” and his home mixer Mårten Noréus, who won in the home mixers class with his gender and tonic “Ginga GT”. In addition to the prestigious title, the gold medalists will receive a trip for two to Amsterdam where a blending lesson awaits.

Here are some tips from Anton Petersson on how to mix the irresistible GT.

1. Think about flavor combinations – avoid the common mistake.

Avoid the trap of using the same flavor in your tonic as the main flavor of gin. Think as you would when cooking, each ingredient adding something extra to the dish. The same is true when blending your GT. For a complex and exciting drink, challenge your taste buds by matching your chosen gin with a tonic where flavors bond together, or complement each other in a cute way, rather than building your GT from bun to bun method.

2. Plan the overall experience – let the eyes do their work.

Let the moment be something extra, plan which glass and which snow you will use before you start mixing your GT. If you use elegant and luxurious glasses, you add an extra golden rim for the moment. If you have also arranged an ice that perfectly fits your chosen cup, you stand a good chance of maximizing the feeling of immersion in your drinking time. When I drink my GT at home, I prefer to pour my GT into a rock glass with a big clear ice cube in it.

3. Leverage your sense of smell – an alluring fragrance raises the bar.

Don’t forget how much flair is in the nose – take the opportunity to let trim and accessories do a job when mixing your GT. Find something that smells good, such as rosemary, flowers, or citruses. In addition to decorating the drink, the beautiful aromas take the GT to the next level.

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