Annakarin Nyberg publishes the second book in the award-winning series

This summer, Annakarin Nyberg will be out with Now we fixA new, inspiring and fun cookbook for all the kids who love standing in the kitchen. In the award-winning sequel Now we’re baking She takes her well-researched, award-winning pedagogical science and develops it for a new generation of young bakers and chefs.

Together with Wonderful Clara, Annakarin has previously written nine children’s books with the goal of supporting children’s creativity and providing tools and inspiration so they can do more on their own. Now we fix It is a sequel to the award winner Now we’re bakingHere anyone who wants to get started in the kitchen can learn to cook simple dishes and snacks and bake goodies in a way that is fun, smart and educational.

“Children need conditions to create. Free and creative! In exploring playful tastes, styles, and ingredients, a child builds their confidence,” says Anakarin Nyberg.

Now we fix Sweets, dinner and desserts It is a comprehensive cookbook for all children – both in terms of text, images and illustrations. The focus is on good, easy-to-prepare recipes with colorful and clear step-by-step educational instructions. Here are recipes for everything from oven-puffed mini omelets, whipped pasta, and creamy pie and soups to delicious smoothies, muffins, chocolate mousse, and raspberry cheesecake. Annakarin also provides smart tips and tricks in the kitchen, suggestions for ingredients you can substitute and fun, factual texts that tell us about different ingredients like broccoli, berries and chocolate and about important topics like food waste.

“The recipes in the book were developed with my children and their friends. They have tasted, tasted and suggested changes. Everything makes the book as good as possible for young chefs and bakers. Some recipes are a little easier, others more difficult. Children think it is important – that there are recipes for both young children and adults, and for children who are accustomed to baking and cooking differently,” says Anakarin Nyberg.

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Now we cook – desserts, dinners and desserts | ISBN 978-91-987048-3-9 | Released July 20 | Illustrations by Frieda Hammer and Michaela Marklund | Pictures by Anakarin Nyberg and Lisalov Bachmann

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