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Approaching the final in the Master Chef Sweden 2022, Where a hobby chef will take home 250,000 SEK and hold a coveted cookbook with Bonnier facts. The winner will be either Jimmy Jo, 30, or only 21-year-old Adam Thulin, who has been a jury favorite from the start.

But who is this shy Katrinholmpo who has managed to impress some of Sweden’s best restaurants?

Here’s everything we know about Adam Thulen from Master Chef Sweden.

It was an exciting semi-final match as none of the participants knew if it would be Helena Ekman, Jimmy Jo or Adam Tholen Who will miss the last place in Master Chef Sweden 2022.

Adam Thulin at Master Chef Sweden.  Photo: TV4

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Adam Thulin at Master Chef Sweden. Photo: TV4

The jury finally chose to send home Helena, who after several weeks of competition had to leave her apron and go home.

Master Chef Sweden Adam

Sweden’s new chief chef could now be the rather quiet Adam Tholen, who knew early on that he wanted to be a chef.

From the very first episode when Adam introduced cod, mushrooms, and Jerusalem artichokes, he managed to impress him Marcus Ojalay50, Misha Billingand 55 and Tom Sjöstedt46. They all belong to the elite among the Swedes star chef.

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Adam Tholen’s life

How old is Adam Thulin?

Adam was born on July 17th year 2000. He is 21 years old and transforms 22 years this summer. Adam comes from Katrinaholmwhere he lives today.

Adam Thulin Jobs

What does Adam Thulen from Master Chef Sweden work with?

Adam Tholen Careers On Cafe at Katrinaholm.

As for Allt om Mat, Adam told he was enrolled in an economics program in high school. However, he already knew at that time that he wholeheartedly wanted to invest in cooking, because that was his great interest.

In the same interview, Adam said he was looking to train as a chef when the announcement to apply for a Master Chef in Sweden appeared. Adam chose to give it a try, but didn’t think he’d do it as much as he did.

But the one who believed in him early on was his opponent in the upcoming final – Jimmy Joe.

– The first impression on Yavel was that he was very shy and did not make much fuss. But at the same time, what he put on the board was incredibly thoughtful and well executed. So it took a while, until the 12 teams realized before they realized how incredibly good he was, says opponent Jimmy Jo in an interview with Hänt.

– Just talking to him about food, I understood that this guy thinks a lot of rounds about everything and has a very extensive record of techniques and tastes and really thinks like a chef. Then I understood that he was really sharp and would be the biggest threat in this competition.

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Since Adam started his journey at Master Chef Sweden, not only has he been praised JuryBut by the Swedish people.

Many are curious about Adam, which has resulted in him having over 13,000 followers on Instagram.

Adam Thulin’s girlfriend?

Many people also wonder if this talent in the kitchen cooks for anyone special on weekdays. when Adam Tulane I got questions about him love life He said, however, that it he is alone.

Adam Thulin Single

– I’m a bachelor! Now I want to focus on my career next time, you never know what’s on your mind. Blair’s man Adores So it became! , says Adam for Nyheter24.

Adam Thulin recipe

By participating in Master Chef Sweden, Adam has shown that he masters everything from seafood to games in the kitchen. One of his sayings – and unexpected Prescription It is the common Swedish-Lebanese dish: steak mousse with green peas and chickpeas.

On Instagram Adam shared the highly praised recipe Marcus Ojalay.

many of failR from Adam you will find him Instagram adamthulin, where food inspiration is often shared.

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