Adamsson: Karlstad’s Best SSL Recipe – Tracking Vinnie Jones at Gävle

Karlstad IBF men win from SSL.

Who saw it coming this fall?

Not me anyway.

Yet it is a fact.

It’s 2-2 in the series matches. Karlstad IBF had a very strong home match in the fourth meeting between the two teams and took the match streak to a very decisive fifth event in Gästrikland.

To have Karlstad’s side in this position, given the chaos and turmoil that have plagued most of the fall season, is indeed unbelievable.

Karlstad IBF made a daring effort to bring in three old hockey players (Peter Nordstrom, Andreas Svensson and Andreas Karlsson), three completely novices as coaches. They were enhanced by Anders Nordin’s globe experience.

But she started ripping off early. It soon became apparent that he didn’t work out between the new coaching staff and the Cowling brothers, and soon the latter’s jump in strength from the team was a reality. Erik Nelson Alanson also recently returned and disappeared and Anders Norden was soon gone.

However, the club showed a united front and immediately stood behind the new trio. At the same time, there were such central figures in the team of players as Sebastian Digrid and Anton Westlund.

This was important. Otherwise, the new project could have been overturned on the spot.

The solution was that the coaching trio released players who would otherwise have been relegated. They seized the opportunity and grew up.

Sebastian Saker is a clear example. Another super talent William Serwal. And Andre Lundgren, who appeared out of “nowhere” after hearing from the same club, can also be listed here as well.

And now he must decide. KIBF is a match of SSL. Victory.

If Karlstad IBF returns once again – and against all odds – to be able to boast a men’s team at the top of the series this fall, one thing is needed now above all…

To stop Billy Nelson – again.

Perhaps the sexiest soccer player of the last 10 years, the Swedish soccer player has transcended the freestyle mohawk and now looks tighter to Vinnie Jones during his acting career – think Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

And it would be completely life-threatening for Karlstad IBF – again.

Team Nordstrom’s move to memorialize Nelson in Game Four was original, but – just in case – it was a bit ingenious.

André Lundgren – it was mostly him – acted in a tight cap and followed Gävlestjärnan everywhere on the pitch. Nelson was definitely dangerous the whole time, but he didn’t get the space to dominate as he did in the previous games. And as a bonus, fellow point-and-shooters Niklas Gustafsson and Oscar Strand Soderholm have been almost completely wiped out. They never found their way into the game when the ball possession of the big star dropped.

This should also happen in Gävle.

If Billy Nelson were to be released, it would likely be a curtain with KIBF eyes. The 32-year-old is still doing well.

If Nelson can be kept tight and turbulent, Karlstad IBF will play in the SSL next season.

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