9 Tiktok recipes that will save your dinner plans in 2022

Accordion, encounter with potatoes.

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In recent years, for many, it has been a lot more about cooking. While many have likely dedicated themselves to the pandemic by indulging in lollipops, Maillard tones, and video mites, fast-paced TikTok recipes have dominated even exploring Instagram tabs (and kitchens) during the pandemic — for good reason.

Viral recipes are often based on two foundations: simplicity and security. Trusted flavors and dishes prepared by mashing and stirring. Here are nine recipes that have become viral classics.


You can do that now. Put garlic, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and a block of feta cheese in the oven, supplement with a little spice, toss the pasta and enjoy a dish that you can only call very good.

Accordion Fries

In addition to the perfectly named dish, accordion potatoes are an uncomplicated way to make delicious potatoes. All you need is a bag of potatoes, some wooden sticks and a sharp knife.

pesto eggs

A properly lowered bar for recipes – but the idea of ​​cooking eggs in pesto made a huge impact on Tiktok this year. Perfect lunch for the lazy salt lover.

hot noodles

Everyone loves instant noodles, everyone loves the fancy varieties of fast food. Hence, everyone loves this. One of the most popular recipes contains “bread seasoning,” but check out the pro tips from Café Jonas Crumby on how to indulge in instant noodles.

corn ribs

Nice snack type on elotes and grilled corn with cheese, spices and mayonnaise. Use a sharp knife and be careful with your fingers.

Jiji Hadid Vodka Paste

When Café interviewed Swedish superstar Björn Frantzen, he said his DM’s inbox was full of angry Italians when he named the pasta dish the wrong type of pasta. Whether or not Gigi Hadid would get her free pass from Nun Colley didn’t leave her, but her dirty version of penne alla vodka was a hit anyway around the world.

Tortilla Wrap

This is probably a technique, not a recipe: Cut a slice into the tortilla, place different ingredients in each corner in a kind of drip to model the dish and begin folding. A perfect way to get closer to the dream of a plate where every bite is perfect.

for EXPO

2021 took so many of us that we will never go back, but the year gave us a lot as well. For example, the headline “Emily Mariko: Meet the Woman Behind the Salmon Rice Tik Tok” – a keyword-improved album at the same time. Anyway, Emily Marico heated up yesterday’s rice with an ice cube mixed with salmon, soybeans, mayonnaise, and avocado, and people went crazy.

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