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Chicken comes in a variety of flavors and is a well-suited dish for both everyday and party cooking. Here are 5 delicious chicken recipes and tips from Allt om Mat’s Chef Cecilia Lundin on what to think about when cooking chicken broth.

The utensils are among the best you can cook with – all in one, easy to prepare for many diners and have plenty of flavour. Take a look at the chef’s tips along the way when cooking chicken soup next time and try some of our best recipes here.

Which part of chicken is best for soup?

Breast meat, ie fillets, is lean meat and can dry out when cooked in a pot. So it is better to use it thigh meat He is a little fatter. Feel free to use the chicken with the bones left so the soup is juicier and flavorful.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick cooked stew, you can use chicken fillet. Slice or cut into pieces, fry and cook the chicken for a few minutes until it is completely cooked and still has a juicy texture.

What is the most important thing to consider when cooking chicken broth?

If you choose to make chicken broth on a whole chicken, you can consider shredding the thigh and cutting the bones into smaller pieces, leaving the breast pieces whole. This way, everything is cooked for the same length of time, but the breast pieces retain their juice and the thigh pieces have time to become tender.

The most common mistake when making chicken broth?

– To cook for a long time, then the meat becomes dry or stringy at the end and cooked.

What spices are suitable for chicken soup?

– Since chicken is a light meat with little taste, it is suitable as a marinade for almost anything. Everything from a mild and classic lemon-flavored soup to a hot soup with plenty of chili.

Would chicken broth taste better if it was left for a day, like meat broth, or should it be eaten right away?

I think chicken soup is tastier when served straight, but it may be a matter of taste.

What is your favorite recipe for chicken broth?

– Super hard to answer! One day I want a hot stew with lots of curry served with rice and a fresh raita, and another day I want a nice, mild chicken soup with fresh primrose, like asparagus and radish.

Is there a classic chicken stew everyone should cook at some point?

Coq au vin is a stew cooked on a rooster, but it is good for stew on chicken too, rooster is hard to get in regular grocery stores. Choose a chicken as large as you can find in the store and also choose red wine in a category that is not very cheap. The danger with a slightly lower quality wine is that it can make chicken meat a bluish-purple. You can also make a coke au vin with white wine, as in this recipe for example:

What to cook chicken broth?

In a cast iron skillet, the chicken can be browned immediately, add the liquid and cook the entire pot under the lid. In the oven, put the chicken in pieces, often with vegetables, liquid and other seasonings, in a pan or pan. You avoid frying and the chicken can cook slowly and gently and absorb all the good flavour. A tractor frying pan is good to use when preparing quick-cooking stews because it has a wide diameter and makes everything cook faster.

5 recipes for chicken stew

Quick cooked chicken stew

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