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5 good chicken gratin recipes for everyday cooking and as a weekend food. Also here you can get helpful tips from chef Allt om Mat on what kind of chicken works best for a chicken gratin, how to taste it and common mistakes to avoid when cooking chicken gratin.

Gratin is an ideal dish for cooking if you have, for example, pasta, rice and chicken transferred from another dish. A great way to simply take care of leftovers. Here are 5 good chicken gratin recipes for everyday dinner and party cooking. All about Chef Matt Cecilia Lundin also gives you tips on what you can think of.

What is the most important thing to consider when cooking chicken gratin?

The chicken is fully cooked and does not contain any pink ingredient. It is also important not to eat gratin for a long time, as the chicken will turn out to be dry.

What is the most common mistake many people make when serving gratin?

Dry gratin is never fun so there needs to be plenty of sauce or liquid for the chicken to cook properly. In a very hot oven, the gratin can burn to the surface and the chicken may not have time to cook. In a very cold oven, gratin doesn’t get the good polished surface you want. Always follow the recipe you’ve chosen for cooking, oven temperature and time tested so you get the best results.

Should You Choose Fresh Chicken Or Grilled Chicken?

If you have raw chicken, it should either be fried first or baked in the oven for a longer time to be ready. If you start with grilled chicken, the gratin will be quick to cook because the chicken is already ready.

Is there any part of the chicken that fits the gratin better than others?

Thigh meat is juicier than breast meat and therefore suits gratin better. But if the breast meat is cooked the right way, it will also be good.

How does chicken gratin taste?

Since chicken is light and doesn’t have much flavour, you can season it in several ways. Crispy bacon, aged cheese, chili sauces, taco sauces, mango sauce, the list can be made infinitely long. Start with what you crave and mix up all our good chicken recipes at aom.se.

Can you make chicken gratin with pasta, rice, beans and potatoes?

Rice and pasta are the most common in chicken gratin, but thinly sliced ​​boiled or raw potatoes can also be good. Beans may not be very good in a gratin, but chicken and bean stew is never a mistake. Bean chicken broth recipes can be found here!

5 good and creamy chicken gratin recipes

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