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The roll cake is a true classic when it comes to coffee. They can be filled with anything from jam to butter. Here are 10 recipes and the best pastry chef’s tips for those who want to bake a rolled bun.

Anna Nord, pastry chef and editor at Allt om Mat, gives her best tips for success with rolled buns.

1. Fold in flour

It is easy to form lumps in the mixture when wheat flour is added. Remember to sift the flour into the mixture and fold it gently with a spoon, avoiding whisking as it can give a stiff base.

2. Fill in just the right

It is best to use rolled cake when it has enough filling. We don’t want steaming here, but we also don’t want to have too much filling because it risks leaking. Everything in moderation! Avoid brushing the filling to the edge of the long side where the roll ends.

3. How to avoid cracks in the rolled cake

If a rolled cake base is baked too long, it can easily crack when rolled, and the surface needs to be soft and slightly pliable so it can roll well. Usually about 5 minutes at 250 degrees is enough.

Cake Roll

A cake roll consists of a thin sponge cake base filled with jam, cream, cream, curd, or something else delicious.

The rolled cake can be baked quickly thanks to the thin base that requires little baking time.

A favorite of many, the classic dream cake consists of a chocolate base and buttercream.

4. Brush with water

If you did not remove the base from the baking paper, you can brush it with a little cold water on the back.

5. How to roll up a cute cake

Use the baking paper on the base to roll it, then it will be easier to make the roll tighter. Tighten the paper periodically to prevent the spool from loosening.

All about Mat’s pastry chef, Anna Nord, tips on how to succeed with the rolled bun
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I love healthy, fresh flavors, so I fill my bagel with lemon curd, fresh blueberries and toasted white chocolate.

6. Make simple cake rolls

Cut the cake into slices and put them on separate plates. Put whipped cream, fresh berries and chocolate on top of it and you will get a very simple and very tasty pastry. You can also put all the slices on top of each other on the same plate, top them with berries and cream and you have an easy-to-bake version of a regular cake.

Tips for good cake baking tools: The tilted plate makes it easy to spread the mixture on the sheet and spread the filling.

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